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Saturday Sep 23

Washington DC

The Tour

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You'll always find success at Slipstream! Their signature "Slipstream Flight" and Nutella latte are a dream come true. A must-visit for coffee ethuiasts!

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Slipstream - Jonas Brothers


Teaism in Washington, D.C., is a tea lover's paradise! They offer a huge variety of team blends and the zen vibe is perfect for some calming tea time. Their Matcha Green Tea Latte is a must!

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Teaism - Jonas Brothers

Dua DC Coffee

Gotta pick up an iced mocha at Dua DC Coffee in Washington, D.C. - it's a true Vietnamese treasure. Head on over to enjoy their Egg Coffee as well - it's a creamy and indulgent sip you won't regret.

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Overwinter Coffee - Jonas Brothers

Dolcezza Gelato

Gelato is always a good time! Dolcezza Gelato in Washington, D.C. offers so many flavors, including their Stracciatella, a delicious chocolate chip gelato! 

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Dolcezza Gelato - Jonas Brothers

Gypsy Kitchen

Definitely start with the hummus & flatbread at Gypsy Kitchen in Washington, D.C., - a local favorite that brings great Mediterranean vibes to the city. Their Lamb Gyro is a must.

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Gypsy Kitchen - Jonas Brothers

Throw Social

Throw Social in Washington, D.C., is the chill hangout spot you've been looking for! Sip on their craft cocktails and enjoy the laid-back setting – it's perfect for a fun night with friends. Don't miss their loaded tater tots!

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Throw Social - Jonas Brothers


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