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The Book - Jonas Brothers (2)

The Book

The BOOK - Jonas Brothers (1)-1

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Written by the Jonas Brothers in collaboration with Neil Strauss, The Book powerfully documents how three preacher’s kids from humble beginnings in New Jersey went from church sing-a-longs to re-defining American pop together. Filled with unflinching anecdotes about the pressures of child fame, this goes beyond the sugar-coating of the traditional rock autobiography and has candid details that will make all your favorite Jonas Brothers songs feel even more real.

From the break-up to their reinvention since 2019, The Book is about how three boys became men and created a soundtrack that played a foundational role in millions of peoples’ lives. Above anything else, it’s about how brotherhood can heal, and the fact all three brothers are worried they might have over-shared is a good sign that The Book hasn’t left a stone unturned.

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